Famille Charra-Chapelle

Anne Chauliac

Anne Chauliac
Given names
Married name
Anne Pradal
MarriageFrançois PradalView this family
September 26, 1752
Note: AD07
Marriage of a childJean Louis PradalAnne MarquetView this family
June 30, 1772
Note: AD07
Birth of a grandson
Noël Pradal
December 24, 1783
Note: AD07
Birth of a grandson
Joseph François Pradal
about 1791

Marriage of a grandchildNoël PradalMarie ChenivesseView this family
January 30, 1809
Note: AD07
Death of a sonJean Louis Pradal
before July 3, 1816

Marriage of a grandchildJoseph François PradalClaire RibalView this family
July 3, 1816
Note: AD07

MarriageActe de mariage registres catholiques Ardèche
AD07 BMS 099-4 1736-1766 page 237 (238/427 en ligne) http://www.archinoe.net/ark:/39673/cdbd8d0579870462a4d12025b8d291d1
Media objectMariage François Pradal x Anne Chauliac 1752Mariage François Pradal x Anne Chauliac 1752
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